LaserJet Professional m1132 MFP hpcups 3.11.5 requires proprietary plugin


I am hoping someone will be able to help with this. I have just purchased a new laser printer. I expected that I would just plug it in and it would work.

I get this:
print error
There was a problem processing document

I also get this:
/usr/lib/cups/filter/hpcups failed.

I far as I am aware this printer should work perfectly.
Printer: HP HP LaserJet Professional M1132 MFP | OpenPrinting - The Linux Foundation

I have tried to check through other threads and have found this:
sudo hp-check -t

The result is here:
SUSE Paste

Unfortunately, unless I can sort this out tomorrow morning, it will have to wait for 3 weeks and I will have to get to the library in the morning for my printing.

So if you respond it is not because I am ignoring you. I will pick this up on my return.

Thank you in advance.



You did not mention the openSUSE version that you use, desktop that you load and how you connect to this printer. I use the standard hplip program, installed through YaST Software Management and then I do a:

in KDE Alt-F2: kdesu hp-setup


in Gnome Alt-F2:** gnomesu hp-setup**

If the printer connects via network, I do a manual setup and just enter the IP address of the printer. You can use CUPs later to setup defaults if you like.

Thank You,

So sorry, I am using Suse 11.4 with LXDE. The printer only connects by USB.

Why sorry?
Just run hp-setup as root or with hp-setup -i from the command line. Never had issues installing hp printers with it.

A downloadable plugin is required for printing as mentioned here:

HP Linux Imaging and Printing

Either re-install the printer using ‘hp-setup’ as James has already described, or you may try using the graphical ‘hp-plugin’ utility:

su -c hp-plugin

This may be a useful reference:

What is the HPLIP Binary Plug-In and How Do I Install It? | HPLIP Knowledge Base

I was sorry because I forgot to put my distribution and desktop.

It was so easy. I opened a terminal window, changed to root. Typed in


The GUI took me through the whole thing in minutes.

Thank you so much. You have made my life so much easier.