Laptop that supports Linux by default?

Looking to get a new laptop (preferably HP, Thinkpad, Toshiba or Acer)

Had googled and found some sites listing Linux compatibility but is rather outdated.

If you know/use/purchase any laptop recently and got it working with openSUSE with minimum tweaking,
appreciate if you could list out the brand/model, thanks.


HCL/Laptops - openSUSE

Linux on Laptops
TuxMobil: Linux With Laptops, Notebooks, PDAs, Mobile Phones, PMPs & GPS

Some laptops listed on these sites are not so old.

Please read below. The original HDD was replaced by the SSD by yours truely.
All works out of the box, except for the webcam, it’s upside down, but a fix for that is made.

Bought a Toshiba Satellite Pro recently (sorry can’t remember exact model) and have no problems. I doubt that any of the above brands would have either: I’d be most suspicious of anything HP but would have thought the Lenovo Thinkpad a good choice. Would have gone for that myself if I had found one without a bathroom mirror posing as an LCD, the Toshiba was the only one with a matt screen.

I was using IBM’s thinkpad series for quite a few years and was very happy with it. It was rugged enough for my rough use and the keyboard was excellent. I had faced with some minor issues with Linux on it but it all got fixed later. I tried to switch to other brands after IBM sold their PC business to Lenavo. Initially, they manufactured the same stuff what IBM was doing and I used those versions too. Afterwards, the first one I tried was HP and the quality was not that good. Finally, I settled with a MacBook Pro even though I don’t like its price!
Personally, I still can’t find a laptop in the market that I can fall in love with :frowning: