laptop monitor settings not ok

A simple question i hope.
I have Laptop Acer Aspire 3000 ,( display 15,4 WXGA )
I cannot get the good settings for it The screen is not clear…
I just install Open suse 11.1
Laptop is ok because windows workt good.

Hope you can help me.

Thanks rob

Which graphic card you have?

At the mean time try this:
1- open desktop settings-> Display

2- Another option with you is to open yast-> Hardware -> Graphic card and monitor

Change the resolution in above settings and restart X server OR restart PC.

Hope the above works for you. If not, please state your graphic card here.

Hey Thanks for the fast replay.
Its to dificult to find out in linux where to look…its almost impossible to read the letters ar see the icons…
Anyway because its dual boot i find out in windows…
I use a SIS M760GX adapter/card.

1 More question. i downlaoded suse 11.1 and instal this ona laptop for testing…i found out its dual boot so my windows is still there…i like to instal linux on my desktop but wil it be dual boot then also…dont like to loose al the things on my windows ( yet)
Sorry for the meaby bad englisch,… i am dutch :slight_smile: