Laptop funtion keys (Fx) do not work in alasamixer. Only work on the hardware (sound/brightness)

I believe this issue goes in ‘hardware’ and not ‘multimedia’ and not under ‘applications’. It may be BIOS related (I need to investigate further). Dependent on solution (?) the thread may need to be moved.

I have a new install of openSUSE-15.3 in a Lenovo X1 Carbon gen-9 laptop. The function keys work for volume control, and work adjusting screen brightness.

However alsamixer, for control, also uses the same function keys. The function keys do not work with alsamixer, but instead continue to work with the laptop hardware.

I note:

Lenovo hardwre:

  • F1 mute speaker. F2 -volumedown and F3 volume up; F4 mute mic
  • F5 display less bright; F6 display more bright
  • F7 external display activate
  • F8 airplane mode

F1 help
F2 system info
F3 playback
F4 capture
F5 all
F6 select sound card

When alsamixer is running, if one presses the function keys, they simply control the Lenovo hardware. The keys do not work with alsamixer. … Possibly I am doing something silly here - but I don’t think so.

I plan to investigate this further (ie in case another key needs to be pressed with the Function key for alsamixer to be controlled).

I moved the thread to Applications.

I am thinking now this is just me being tired - as the alsamixer controls work fine.

To use them I need to press the Fn key, hold it down, and press the Function keys (F2, F3, F4, etc … ) and alsamixer works great. If I don’t hold down the Fn key, then the hardware controls for audio and for screen brightness are applied.

I’ve been playing with this new laptop for too long - and clearly need a break/rest, before I do something silly. lol!

Turn on the function key in the BIOS to not have to press Fn. Maybe an acpi_osi option may fix it

Else the wmi driver for lenovo devices needs fixing…

Thanks. I followed up on your suggestion. This was indeed the approach to reverse the function key behaviour. Image of what I changed in BIOS:

click on the image for a higher resolution view:](ImageBam)

Now when running alsamixer, I simply press a Fx (function) key and I control aspects of the application.

If instead I wish to access the laptop’s Function keys for display, mic, speaker, airplane mode … etc functionality, I need to first press (and hold down) the Fn key and then press the appropriate function key (ie F1 to F8).