Laptop Fans stop working after OS boot.

Hi, i have been using my old laptop acer aspire 5315 with opensuse without ui as a server for about 1 year. My laptop would overheat and randomly shutdown, i cleaned the laptop fan and it kept shutting down so i bought one of those laptop coolers. Today i decided to clean the fan again and replace the thermal paste and try it without the external cooler and it kept overheating. So i started wondering why was my laptop still overheating if i just had replaced the thermal paste. I turned my computer and opened it while it was still working and noticed the fan was not working. I restarted the computer and noticed that the fan only works during the boot and when the OS starts the fan freezes. Im sure the problem is not related to the hardware but to the software. Does anyone knows how to fix this? Maybe im missing a driver?

Not a fix, but maybe a workaround: my girlfriend’s Acer 5535 displays the same behavior after booting. The fans start spinning again after closing the lid, waiting a few seconds and opening the lid again. During that sleep/wake cycle, the laptop’s BIOS seems to kick in and wrestle fan control back again.

Despite all kinds of messing with ACPI stuff, I found no proper solution to this, but luckily my workaround seems necessary only directly after booting — which is far less frequent than closing/opening the lid.

Thanks a lot for the help!

I tried your method and noticed that the fans were spinning again even with the lid closed but i think it wasnt your method that solved the problem as yesterday i researched a lot and tried the following methods.

  1. Installing the newest bios version found in: trought WINPE bootable pendrive since the boot setup is a .exe file and cannot be installed trough linux.
  2. And installing the following script: while following this guide

Still the fan only spins time to time and i dont know if thats normal. I would prefer to force the fan to spin all the time. Is there a way to force the fan to always keep spinning?

It is normal that the fans spin only when needed to cool the CPU if they spin all the time it will reduce battery charge

If you need server then use server, not a laptop.


  1. Look at NBFC.
    But maybe you already did same job with your script.

  2. Maybe you can find BIOS option “Do not stop fans when AC powered”.

  3. Hardware solution: buy “PWM fan controller” or DIY.
    You will need 4-wired fan for a PWM.

  4. Remove covers from a notebook, put in fan to blow away heat.