LAN Projector

Hi all,

at work we bought a brand new projector, with VGA/HDMI connections. There’s also a LAN RJ45 connector.

I saw - somewhere - that windows is natively able to connect to the projector through LAN… Just wondering if it’s possible to do the same with OpenSUSE…

Do I need proprietary software ? Or there are open solutions ?

Thanks in advance for Your time


No make and type available?
And no documentation coming with it at all?

Hi, it’s an ACER P1385WB. Looks like the software is only for Win/Mac…

Just wondering if there are alternatives… :-/


you might try to talk to someone about the following…
Says it’s compatible with your projector and support Linux

If technical documentation about how the provided software works, it’s likely that a Linux substitute can be found.
it’s also likely that you should be able to hook up a machine which can be anything from an Arduino/RPi/Beagleboard/etc to the USB port and then screencast or remote into it from any machine including Linux.