LAN Problems


Please tell me the steps for how to connect my system to existing LAN.



I need more information. Is your LAN a DHCP or static IP addresses? Wired or wireless? Are you having problems with your network card/cards? Please give as much information about your LAN as you have; then I can help you out.

Thank you.

etech97 :slight_smile:

Welcome here.

That said, like etech97, I must say that you seemingly think we have all sorts of metaphysical powers. This is not true. By reading your post we do not get magicaly view of you and your system beforr our eyes.

Thus it would be nice when you telll us which openSUSE level you use, maybe also which desktop, which hardware you try to connect (cabled, wifi, maker, type), how you installed (and why did it not work at install), etc, etc.

In other words, as much as you can tell, and not as less as you can tell. It is your problem and it can most probably be solved, but only with your cooperation.

You might also say whether your problem is to share resources over the LAN or to connect to the internet through the LAN (or both).


I have a problem with my LAN network. Actually, I have distributed the DSL services to my neighbours, all IP’s are DHCP assigned and The DSL Modem is responsible for this. Another Router of Tenda Manufacturer Model W311+ which have a Wi-fi also is connected to the Modem through a 5 port switch. the Tenda’s router also have DHCP feature, and both modem and router are synced but i can’t access the wireless router.

i appreciate if anyone can help me to resolve the issue.