LAMP How run localhost/index.php

Hello! I do not know if I can abort this kind of help, but you always help solve almost everything :slight_smile:
I installed the LAMP and when I type


in the Firefox address bar, Firefox responds well
But if I type


Firefox open index.php with the BlueFish editor, but I want it to run with php
How do I set this to happen?

Open a terminal;

sudo a2enmod php5
sudo systemctl restart apache2

Thank you Miuku

The instructions you sent worked perfectly.
Is there any manual with information like these?

Not really, what you did was enable the PHP5 module in Apache2 which is not enabled by default for various reasons (like you might not want to have PHP5 as a module but rather as FPM etc.)

Check a2enmod without any parameters to see what it really does and what parameters it accepts (in short: it modifies /etc/sysconfig/apache2 APACHE_MODULES line )