KVM image acess time


There are 2 image files from a KVM guest from a backup, and I dont know which one of the two is the most recent one.

Currently I mount both and check which has newer entriers in /var/log.

Is there a more efficient method to check for the last access time of an image file?
The file date is not relieble, because it might have been copied.

Thanks for your comments,

Some things you can checkā€¦
File time/date last accessed or modified.
If you boot the image, inspect the journal (system log) dates of the last boot.

Possibly more relevant is what in the images is most important like a particular file or configuration.
Else, if nothing is that important within each image, just update both and consider them equal.

And, consider modifying your storage to address your issue in the future, like perhaps storing images in folders with date names, or modifying the image file names themselves.