kupdateapplet and PackageKit


I have a problem with kupdateapplet not showing all available updates even if I mark the checkbox “Show available upgrades when backend provides them” in ‘Configure Applet’. Is this because of PackageKit being the backend, and if so, should I install kupdateapplet-zypp and use zypper as the backend? What is really the difference between using PackageKit or Zypp as the backend? Does it matter, or should they give me the same information? Right now (using PackageKit) the only way to upgrade everything is through YaST or the command line.

I’m on OpenSUSE 11.2 with KDE SC 4.3.4.


Personally I never use that applet. It sucks.
YaST software management or plain cli ‘zypper’

I agree that it sucks for installing the upgrades (I usually use konsole based zypper for that), but it is a good/quick/easy way to know if something new is available. Anyway, I want it to work. I don’t like when things are broken, regardless of if I use it or not. :slight_smile: If I have installed it, I want it to work properly…

I’m using ZYpp plugin for the updater applet. It works better than packagekit IMO. But i prefer updating in CLI:)

Hi. This only works with the ZYpp backend, not with PackageKit.

Thanks guys! I suspected that PackageKit was the culprit… Guess I’ll just have to install the zypp backend.

Edit: I installed the zypp backend, and it works like it should now! Why is the option available to choose from the configuration when packagekit doesn’t support showing all upgrades? Maybe I’ll just report that bug later…

I’ve used the Applet quite a lot and I like the feature to install upgrades with it to. On this occasion I don’t agree that kupdateapplet “sucks”, even if it was just a convenient way of seeing whether it was worth doing the zypper or Yast->Software Manager thang.

Reporting bug would be good idea. I sort of assume they use PackageKit for some kind of a reason, I guess zypper back end is a fallback in case of difficulties.

But no sign of it working with 11.2 as it did when that was introduced. End up using “zypper ref && zypper up” far more frequently than in past.