Kubernetes Installation Guide

I’m currently setting up Kubernetes using the containers in the Virtualization:containers repository and I’m finding that the set up is quite different than anything on the Kubernetes homepage or for any other distro and I don’t just mean package management. While I’ll try to muddle through this on my own, I’m wondering if there are any plans to create official document from SUSE for doing this. I’m sure it would be a great resource for those running OpenSUSE and SLES.

If you see a need, I don’t see any problem in writing up an SDB on your own(If there is some cry to remove it, I guess that could happen).

You can also publish your own article however you like,
So, for instance over the years I’ve created my own Wiki pages on a variety of different topics as I come across “stuff.” I’d invite you to take a look at what I’ve written and create your own Kubernetes wiki


You can start creating your own wiki using the link to a Wiki page I wrote on this topic in my signature below…


When I first started trying to understand this area, various educational articles helped me. You can explore articles on clutch.co or reddit. And it’s also useful to read different cases, for example, it was quite interesting for me to read the Altoros blog https://www.altoros.com/blog/a-multitude-of-kubernetes-deployment-tools-kubespray-kops-and-kubeadm/ There are a lot of articles on the subject of kubernetes, with links to various relevant reports and official sources.