Ktorrent won't seed - any suggestions?

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At the moment I am evaluating Ktorrent - and I’ve successfully loaded a huge ton of data. :stuck_out_tongue: Thing is: It won’t seed. It tells that it is seeding, but the traffic counter on Ktorrent shows the opposite:

Seeded: 0B

I don’t know where to fix that as I am travelling with my computer throughout the United States… may it be the port? I think it’s “dynamic”.

Please give me some advice here - if you know any better ones, please let me know right away. Don’t be shy. Thanks.

There’s a short how-to in the how-to’s part of the forum, you might want to read that one on how to open the port needed by KTorrent.

Don’t think you’ll find anything better, Vuze offers -far- more features but it also uses up like 20 times more resources… KTorrent is balanced, resource friendly and comes with most features people want/need.

Thanks. I’ll check that out. Resources are not that important to me when leeching. Vuze looks great to btw. Any other great torrent prgrams you want to suggest?
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I know a lot of people run utorrent under wine, I am however satisfied with kTorrent… and used to be pretty satisfied with Vuze.

However it’s my server handling the torrents and I want it idling as much as possible… RAM usage of Vuze puts the swapfile to work more often and it’s more CPU intensive as well.

I’ve also tried Torrentflux as I pretty much like to do everything via a webui… but it lacks a lot of features.

You can find a short overview here:
Top 5 Torrent Clients for Linux | linuxnongeek.com (The KTorrent resource use comment on that site bull**** btw. Using only 50MB RAM and 1% of the cpu on my server atm with 22 uploads)

If you decide to use Vuze, I recommend taking a look at my bittorrent server howto. Just the optimization part though, rest is irrelevant unless you ofcourse want Vuze to act as a central downloadbox.

Thanks - you have been a great help so far. Glad to have you here. ^^


Me again. Is it possible to continue seeding something after switching to another torrent client?

Yeeeeeeehaaaaaaaa!.. whoa - what a great question to ask! ^^


Well it’s not impossible at least, I’ve no experience in doing so however.
Guess the forums of whichever client you ended up with would be the place to get an answer, if it’s not in the FAQ.

Well, i ended up with using Vuze. I really love it - but how to tell the program that I want to start seeding a file thats already been downloaded?


Vuze forums have the answer

Thanks. I think that’ll work. ^^