ktorrent - looking for later version

Leap 42.2 has ktorrent 5.01-3.1 which has a bug which causes it to crash when the scheduler plugin is selected.
This bug has been fixed, see here: https://quickgit.kde.org/?p=ktorrent.git&a=commit&h=499ed1dffaff60a37e60fa566254188ee970bfdfBut no update is available from normal repositories.
I tried version 5.0.1-6.13 from the 42.3 repository, but it also crashes at the same point.

Is there a safe way way to get the later version suitable for Leap?

There is no later version (yet).

But feel free to file a bug report at http://bugzilla.opensuse.org/ (same username/password as here), and we can release an update with that fix.

Btw, your link is wrong and doesn’t work, quickgit.kde.org doesn’t exist any more.
You mean this commit?

PS: I’d say these two commits sound more like they would fix the crash:

Thank you for your help, I have submitted bug report 1040379.

The link in my original post was given to me in the “duplicate bug” response I got from kde.org. Odd.

Not really odd.
That bug report is a year old, and that response is from last September.
I think quickgit.kde.org was still reachible back then, but it got turned off shortly afterwards in favor of cgit.kde.org.

A fixed package is available already in KDE:Extra btw, but I’ll submit an official update for 42.2 too.