ksshaskpass installation doesn't install any bin file

ksshaskpass5 has been installed but there is no ssh-askpass or related file found in /usr/bin. I’ve tried reinstalling but still doesn’t work.

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Please explain how you installed and from where. That is not obvious from your post.

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Checking here, on a Tumbleweed system:

“/usr/libexec/ssh/” contains:

Checking my environment, I find:


The script that I use for loading a key, sets


in the environment (if my desktop is KDE), and the result is that “ksshaskpass” is called for the password.

An addendum to my last comment.

The installed “ssh-askpass” is actually a script, which should call “ksshaskpass” if you are running KDE. Otherwise it calls “gnome-ssk-askpass”. And I think both “ssh-askpass” and “gnome-ssh-askpass” are installed by (or pulled in by) installing “openssh”.

Whether any of it works may depend on whether you have a “.ssh” subdirectory under your HOME directory.