KSpread calculation dependency

I’ve just tried the latest KSpread version (2.1.2) from the factory repositories. I tested the “rice on the chessboard myth” ( WikiAnswers - What is the answer to the Rice on a Chess Board question ) by entering “1” in the field “A1”, then “=PRODUCT(A1;2)” in the field “A2” and then drag the field “A2” down to “A64” for all the chessboards tiles.

The formulas in the fields are correct, but it seems that the dependencies on the calculations seem to be wrong determined, as the values in the fields are randomly “2” or “4”. When I choose multiple times to recalculate the document it will step by step calculate the correct values.

When I save and reload, it will also calculate correctly.

It seems, the fields are calculated in the wrong order by not tracking the dependencies correctly. So, the last field “A64” has the value “=PRODUCT(A63;2)”, so its result is dependant on field “A63”, which is itself dependent on “A62”.

Can anyone who has activated the KDE factory repositories reproduce this bug?