ksplashqml crashing

Fired up SUSE Leap this morning and got an error:

“we are sorry, ksplashqml closed unexpectedly”

, with options to restart application or close. Either action does nothing and requires a reboot, with exactly the same result. I cannot get the system to boot cleanly.

All this seems to have occurred after rebooting following an update of various application components. Any suggestions what went wrong.

Hi, welcome to these forums,

FYI: Leap 15.2 is not ready yet, it will not be released until May 2020 and is only meant for testing purposes. If you want a stable release, install Leap 15.1 or ( in case you need the latest and greatest and tested ) Tumbleweed, our rolling release.

Don’t know the cause, but there might be a workaround:

  1. Open KDE System Settings (/usr/bin/systemsettings5).
  2. Go to Appearance → Workspace Theme → Splash Screen.
  3. Choose: None.

My bad - it is 15.1

So is there a solution?

I’ve managed to log in as root and changed the setting. Seemed to have no effect, so did a reboot. Now its stuck at “Started locale service”.

I fear my new HD (only a few months old) is very very sick.

Probably should add this all started with thunderbird core dumping.

Run smartctl to check drive (note man smartctl for options)