Krusader 1.99 on KDE3

I keep getting offered Krusader 1.99 as an update to Suse 11.0. I have tried it three times now and on every occasion it refuses to load under KDE3. If I switch to KDE4 it works normally, but I am reluctant to use KDE4 as it simply isn’t good enough (it is actually better on Suse 11.1 but still not good enough for everyday use).

If I revert back to Krusader 1.90 it works on both versions of KDE.

Has anyone else noticed this or is it just me?

I eventually managed to solve this myself. The problem was not in the program but in the launch command. The original launch command was:

krusader -caption "%c" %i %m

This would not launch v1.99 on KDE3, the correct launch command was just:


I guess the installer should have updated the command but it didn’t and that is why it wouldn’t launch.