Kresource migration tool always running after login

Yesterday I updated a second Thinkpad X60s to 12.1 by doing a clean install and keeping the /home.

Every time the user logs in they get a window pop up titled Kresource Migration Tool. It says it’s trying to migrate the “Default Address Book” and it’s creating an instance of type akonadi_vcard_resource. The window will stay on screen for about 30secs then disappear.

We have Thunderbird set as the default mail application in systemsettings.

How can we stop this from coming up every log in?

I recently upgraded from OpenSUSE 11.2 to 12.1 and ran into this issue. After working on a different issue related to nepomuk where the controller/plasmoid indicated that the File service is not started, I discovered that my akonadi database/cache had a corrupted table in it that was stopping the database from initializing and akonadi from starting. As soon as I cleared the database and restarted akonadi, this dialog popped up of its own accord, successfully finished its migration for the first time after many logins and did not return on new logins. You can check at the command line that akonadi is running with:

akonadictl status

If it’s stopped you can start it at the command line with:

akonadictl start

and look for any errors in the output.

To stop it issue:

akonadictl stop

To delete the database/cache, move the following directory out of the way:


NOTE: If you do this, you will lose all metadata tags used by nepomuk.

Once you move the database out of the way, you can start akonadi at the command line and it should recreate a new database, the migration dialog should pop up and now successfully migrate the address book and nepomuk will also see that the file service is running and will start indexing.

Thanks that worked. I renamed the akonadi folder and it now works so it must have been corrupted.