KRDC RDP support broken?

Yesterday KRDC was updated, and today I cannot connect to RDP sessions anymore.
Also, I lost all bookmarks and the settings of KRDC’s toolbar.

The symptom is that if I enter the address of an RDP host, KRDC prompts me for the user, then (apparently) attempts to connect and then it suddenly returns to the “new connection” screen, without any error or message whatsoever.

I know the xfreerdp works because I can connect to the RDP remote host by using xfreerdp from the command line.

Here is the line from zypper history, referring to KRDC’s update:

2016-06-06 10:48:12|install|krdc|16.04.1-1.1|x86_64||repo-oss|bdca2dfa37147c9ec4f8962731f4a3702edc40af|

I tried to start KRDC from the command line to see if it sent some message to the console, but all I got was this, just before the error:

KBookmarkMenu::slotBookmarksChanged groupAddress:  "/0"

Another strange thing: if I enter “krdc -v” at the command line, this is what I get:

cristiano@xmper8q3:~> krdc -v
krdc Ё

Any hint?

Thank you in advance

Just found this one. Look at the middle of the page, or just search for “krdc”.

This is the text (post is dated 2016-06-04):

Is there a plan to recompile KRDC to use rdesktop or to add xfreerdp? As it stands now, KRDC seems broken.

When trying to connect to rdp://user@winbox.fake gives the error: “Could not start “xfreerdp”; make sure xfreerdp is properly installed.”

So it seems I’m not alone, though I don’t see the error message.


I’m not sure that thread you linked to is relevant to your particular situation. This could just be a due to a build/packaging issue, and you’re best advised to submit a bug report IMO…

Lately freerdp got upgraded in Tumbleweed to a pre-2.0.0 devel snapshot. It shows version number 2.0.0, even though this version has not been released yet.
Maybe this is somehow connected to your problem. The pre-2.0.0 version itself is working very well and the syntax of xfreerdp’s switches didn’t change fundamentally since 1.1.
So in theory KRDC should be able to start it with the 1.1 syntax.


Hendrik, thank you for your reply.

I saw xfreerdp’s update a couple days before krdc’s update, and it was working beautifully with krdc.
It wasn’t until krdc’s update that I started having problems.
I think I’ll open a bug as per Deano’s suggestion.

Thank you

p.s. Tumbleweed latest updates have been a real nightmare BTW. Today I was without audio (I saw a lot of report about this on the forum), I had problems starting processes with a lot of core dumps and weird messages (error creating thread: resource temporarily not available). At last I rolled back to a snapshot of yesterday morning (preceding my last zypper dup) and now everythinig is well. THANK YOU BTRFS, YOU’RE GREAT!!

Just opened bug 983900.