KPowersave and Brightness Controls

Hi there,

on thinkpad x200s with opensuse 11.1, the brightness controls missbehave in KDE 3.5.10 when running kpowersave:

If kpowersave is not running - with every brightness-up / down-key-press the brightness changes by one level.
With kpowersave running - with every brightness-up / down-key-press the brightness is changed by several levels (3 levels up oder 5 levels down).

Tried all available options of thinkpad_acpi (brightness_mode=0,1,2) with no effect. Has anyone a solution to this behavior (except for do-not-use-kpowersave) ?

Regards, user2304

Hello everyboby!

I have same problem in GNOME and KDE on my ASUS X80L. In opensuse 11.0 brightness control works fine, but in opensuse 11.1 after system start/login/logoff/powersave brithness is droped down and i need to up it by Fn keys. Pressing Fn keys brightness tune are contrast from low to hi by one click and then upping brightness it down and then up.
On Ubuntu 8.10 in this notebook works fine.

Any solutions?

Submitted bug report:

Regards, user2304

After kernel update on 25 Feb 2009 from standart update/11.1 this bug is out for me. Thanx to developers!

Installed a new hal-package as suggested here:

No everything works fine.

Regards, user2304