I’m running 11.4 (not tumbleweed) and KDE 4.7.2.

I’m getting a conflict that is stopping KPackageKit updating, if someone could help me out I would be very grateful. Error details below:

A package dependency could not be found.More information is available in the detailed report.
patch:lensfun-4759.noarch conflicts with liblensfun0.x86_64 < 0.2.5-8.9.1 provided by liblensfun0-0.2.5-2.1.x86_64

Had a quick Google but it doesn’t look like a common problem. If you need anything else, please let me know.




I recently had a simmilar problem, you can read about it in this thread:

The general opinion i guess is that Kpackagekit is buggy…

So i disabled it, and i’m updating either through YaST or terminal…

This is what was suggested in my thread, instead of Kpackagekit…

Or in terminal:

sudo zypper up, or sudo zypper patch…

Try that, and see if the problem is still there…


I forgot, here’s how you disable or remove Kpackagekit:

Disabled and now updating via terminal.

No errors and loving KDE once again.

Thanks a lot!

No problem! Glad i could help! :slight_smile: