Konsole "background transparency not supported by desktop"

Which package supports transparency for konsole on tumbleweed, I have a leap install that has this included already, but I don’t know what it is.

There is no special package needed for this.

But it is broken in konsole 16.08.0:

The fix has been added to the openSUSE package though and should already be in Tumbleweed, so install the latest packages.
Though a comment in some other bug report seems to suggest that this is still broken in the case that konsole is restored on login by session management.

Small correction: the fix was not in Tumbleweed yet (sometimes it’s hard to keep track of the constant changes), it only made it into today’s newly released snapshot, see http://lists.opensuse.org/opensuse-factory/2016-09/msg00166.html:

[opensuse-factory] New Tumbleweed snapshot 20160905 released!
From: Dominique Leuenberger <dimstar@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 08 Sep 2016 03:56:42 +0200

==== konsole ====
Subpackages: konsole-part

  • Add fix-transparency.patch to fix transparent backgrounds

After running an update today, it’s now working again. Thanks.