Konqueror lost view mode

Somehow I have deleted an entire range of available views in my Konqueror Version 4.8.5 (4.8.5) “release 2”. Now the only choices I have under View Mode are Terminal Emulator and File Size View. Detail View and Icon View are gone, and when I start Konqueror it tells me…

FSView intentionally does not support automatic updates when changes are made to files or directories, currently visible in FSView, from the outside.
For details, see the 'Help/FSView Manual'.

Re-installing Konqueror had no effect. Couldn’t find any Google links. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

PROBLEM SOLVED by re-installing Dolphin, although why there is a connection remains a mystery.

Do you still have Dolphin installed? You have not removed it for some reason have you? What view modes does it show?

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Sorry to take up your time after having solved the problem. Yes it was caused by removing Dolphin, and solved by re-installing it. But I am still baffled by why Konqueror needs Dolphin as a dependency. Isn’t that a little like your Honda needing Toyota parts in order to function?

Thanks for the quick response.

So Dolphin is the default with KDE. I assume this function of view modes was always supplied by some lib app and its now associated with the installation of Dolphin and not provided by Konqueror. I can only say that unless I am trying to create some super small Linux installation, I would not remove apps installed by default just to save a few K of disk space or memory. openSUSE releases are tested as installed by default. If there was some reason to install and use Konqueror alone, the right lib might be found but KDE may have decided you must always install Dolphin. In the end I just go with the default myself.

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