koffice2-krita dependency problem

I’m trying to install krita from koffice2 on openSUSE 11.0 running KDE 4.1 but I hit a dependency problem with krita wanting libexiv2.so.4.

As far as I know I’ve got the correct repositories set up but I don’t get any better than libexiv2.so.2

Where can I get an rpm for the missing library?


If you run KDE 4.1 build service packages than use koffice2 from KDE:KDE4:Factory:Extra-Apps

I’ve got
which has
do you mean I should have
which has

Can I use both of these repositories simultaneously?

Looks like I should only have the openSUSE_11.0 as a repository - krita now installs

They are two version of a single repository. The first one is the version for openSUSE Factory (development version) and the second one is the version for openSUSE 11.0.

If you are using Factory use the first one, if you are using 11.0 use the second one.
All Build Service repos are the same, the last part of the URL specifies the openSUSE version.
NEVER mix repos from different openSUSE versions.