Kodi 18 Leia - anytime soon in the repos?

Hello everyone!
New major release of popular home video system Kodi was released more than 3 weeks ago.
Is anyone, like for example Packman, actively working on getting it to openSUSE repositories?
The list of new features is long and juicy - for me it’s mainly support for Netflix, better support for Blu Ray and retro games.
It’s available for Windows, of course, and Ubuntu, PPA directly from Kodi team. Nothing so far for openSUSE.

Looks like it is being worked on;

You would need to follow up on the packman mailing list…

I’ve been mildly interested in Kodi in the past, would like to test and experience its newest version when it’s practical…

Took a look at the build instructions,
Was pleasantly surprised that someone spent some time to try to identify openSUSE dependency packages, but…

The build instructions involve some really complex steps!
There’s a Fedora reference with unknown effect…
There’s some duplicate instructions where there probably is no difference following the openSUSE or general Linux instructions (eventually the openSUSE instructions end and sends the User to the General Linux build instructions without a specific point in the latter).
And if you do your own Build, it seems that you’ll also have to build each Add-on you want as well and each Add-on will have its own build instructions. I don’t know if that’s absolutely true, and if that means there isn’t an Add-on Manager that can install pre-compiled Add-ons.
And, BTW - People who do their own builds should beware that the repo URL they give is only for TW, you need to fix that if you’re building for LEAP.

Am a bit surprised that so many things about Kodi seem to be brand new (Everything appears to be re-done over past 7 months or so), Kodi has been around for many years so maybe recently did a radical over-haul.


Looks like as of this moment a LEAP 15 package is built and ready to be tested… 32-bit and other openSUSE versions not only failed but might not work without a lot of work…


Thank you all!

This was very helpful:
Successful build for Leap 15.0 on 2019-02-21 …very fresh development. Currently failing for Tumbleweed.

In the meantime I’m playing with Kodi installed as Flatpak from Flathub.
I wasn’t without issues:
https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/issues/15575 - Flatpack/Flathub version fails to start with “ERROR: Unable to create GUI. Exiting” on openSUSE
Make it running for the first time only today. Somewhat. Still unresolved issues.

I’m running Flatpak Kodi for some time now on openSuse without issues.

I have created a separate user account - Kodi2 - for Kodi from Flatpak. I am not running it as a service but as auto-login user with auto-started Kodi app.

Here is the script called when X11 starts, calling another script to start Kodi:

/usr/bin/twm &
sleep 1
exec kodi.run

Here is the script actually starting Kodi:

pulseaudio --start -D
export WINDOWING=x11
flatpak --filesystem=host run tv.kodi.Kodi -geometry +0+0


**twm **- is a windowing manager, the most ancient and simplistic one, with negligible resource requirements and it’s part of x11 package. It is probably not necessary to run any WM, and run Kodi directly fulscreen, as it needs no window management. But I found it handy for initial troubleshooting where I also launched xterm to be able to fire commands.

–filesystem=host is necessary for Kodi to see whole filesystem, the movies, series, mounted DVD etc…

I had to use pulseaudio. Pulse audio server must be started before Kodi.
There is an option to run alsa, but that didn’t work for me, pulseaudio is default for Kodi. Setting AE_SINK or KODI_AE_SINK to ALSA doesn’t seem to have any effect.

Where Flatpak Kodi is installed?

Where is Flatpak Kodi executable?