knotes needs all of this??????

All this just to get knotes working!!! Seems outside the pale to me.

I don’t need kmail, knotacts, nor a bunch other things in that list, just the dependencies for knotes!

Now to start removing one at a time to see what breaks knotes.

Unless you have a very very small root partition why remove things they really don’t take much space and if you don’t want them don’t use them. Some may be just recommended package but some are required. If you look in Yast at the package there is a requires tab at bottom right

I believe knotes uses some of the (KDE) “pim stuff” so will pull in quite a lot of other packages if they’re not installed.

Have you taken a look at the “Notes” widget/plasmoid, that may possibly meet your needs.

Bill, in YaST Softwaremanager, uncheck the Dependencies > Recommended one. FWIW knotes is part of the Kontact suite, but AFAIK it should work without.

root partition is sufficient(40GB), I realize most things ‘linux’ are small and occupy small space. But I don’t like clutter. The app launcher is cluttered. If I could re-organize the App launcher to hide/move/ I would have done that.

Thanks I had that first, but found out I had ‘sticky’ notes on my desktop, that I didn’t know how to hide. knotes does let a user put it back in the tray

Thanks, I will look at that dependencies thing.

What I do know is knotes needs the PIM manager/app. That I can live with.

One day before I die, I hope to know enough to get the application launcher ‘managed’ some better.

You can edit the launcher, Right click menu icon and select edit applications remove what you don’t want to see

That is helpful! I was hesitant of messing with that in case I fubar’d something and couldn’t get it back.