knetworkmanager crashes on disconnect

I am a frequent user of GSM type modems (eg the huawei e220). It is often difficult to get these to work with linux but suse 11 through knetworkmanager seems to have this covered - it not only connects them but, unlike anything else I have ever found it remembers the connection settings enabling you to connect again with just one click - brilliant!!

However it is not quite so good when it comes to disconnection. In fact every time I disconnect one of them (either purposely or due to dropped connections - dropped connections are a regular feature of gsm modem use unfortunately) knetworkmanager just crashes and disappears from the systray. I have tried restarting it both from the command line and from menu but if it does start at all it does not respond, but mostly it just doesn’t start. The underlying ‘network manager’ program is still running btw (checked with ‘top’).

My only workround for this is to switch to using kppp to reconnect (which does work) or to reboot after which knetworkmanager reappears.

Has anybody else experienced this and better still do you know a way to stop it from happening?