kmuddy for 12.2

Hi everyone,

Anybody can help me with that ? I saw in the package search that kmuddy exists for 12.1, can this package be installed on 12.2 without problem ?

Thank you


Generally speaking. The answer would be no. But you may try and download all relevant rpms(kmuddy and dependencies) and install the rpms without adding the old repo. Ofcourse if zypper or YaST complains you may need to give up :slight_smile:

When i messed around in obc and tried to build kmuddy for 12.2. It didn’t . it needed libmxp which you may need to download. best of luck and keep those dvds ready just in case
One more option is to request the maintainer to build it for 12.2. Be polite when you are doing that :slight_smile:

On 02/15/2013 04:26 AM, vazhavandan wrote:
> keep those dvds ready just in case

and next time, the OP might get more/different/better/worse advice by
posting in the games forum, where those gurus hang out:

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Point taken. But people should have the freedom of destroying their installations :slight_smile: Pun intended .

The developer seems to have found a home on PBONE.

RPM Search Tomas Mecir &lt kmuddy_kmuddy_com&gt

And they link back to here, and only for tumbleweed and 12.1

It should be easy enough to contact the maintainer and ask for other repositories to be added…

I downloaded the rpms from the link above and they installed fine on my 12.3 system.

If this doesn’t work for you, you can add the community kde3 repos-- I believe there’s a kde3 version of kmuddy that can be installed from there.