KMail only shows unread folders

Hi all,
yesterday I updated my Tumbleweed box and then I shut it down.

Today I open KMail and do not see any folder. After a while one folder appeared because it had new mail in it. After a few hours of works, I now have about one-third of my folders visible, because new messages arrived in them.

I looked everywhere I could think of to see if I had inadvertently set up a configuration item to only see folders with unread messages, but I found nothing.
Also, folders do NOT disappear when I read all messages in them, so I think it is not a matter of filtering.

Up until yesterday KMail was working normally.

Anybody else seeing this?


So, am I really alone in seeing this?

If so, could someone suggest what might be the cause of my problem?

Thank you in advance


Replying to myself, just to let anybody know that yesterday’s updates fixed my KMail.
I know, I know, probably nobody is interested, but still… :slight_smile: