Kmail Migration : which db manager ? Mysql ? Postgres ? Else ?

Many people on the kdepim mailing list complained about mysql and suggested to move to postgres in order to have less bugs.
Do you share this opinion ?
Why did opensuse choose mysql ?
How to configure my new 15.2 with another db manager than the default before i import the mails ?
Thanks for your answers.

Absolutely. KMail feels much more responsive with Postgres than with mysql.
I think it is not openSUSE, but the KDE Project who has chosen mysql as default DB

How to configure my new 15.2 with another db manager than the default before i import the mails ?

There are some tutorials around, e.g. Setting up Akonadi but I’m sure it was described here in the )old) forum as well

Thanks for your answer.
But the link you gave is about calendar and it doesn’t exactly describes which actions and files to edit to migrate from msyql to postgres.
Anyone has other methods and comments ?

You can check the ArchWiki document: <KDE - ArchWiki; – it has pointers to other documents describing the migration to PostgreSQL.

As usually, the Arch wiki is a good resource. But I doubt the sentence:


  - Starting with [akonadi]( 19.08.0-1 the PostgreSQL database cluster in ~/.local/share/akonadi/db_data/ will get automatically upgraded when a major PostgreSQL version upgrade is detected. 

Leap 15.2 comes with akonadi 20.04, and there is no automatic migration to a newer postgres version.

On the other hand, there’s this KDE advice on Akonadi and PostgreSQL: <;.

Yes, but that does not guarantee it works. I did already a couple of migrations, lately on TW when postgres 12 arrived, that went well, but on Leap 15.2 I was not successful, see:

In other words, for Leap 15.2, the current status is that, PostgreSQL is currently not an option for the Akonadi database – at least until this issue is repaired by the KDE folks …

I would like to express my strong thanks for the people answering to my questions.

So, now, we wander when will this postgres new version be adapted for akonadi ?
Any idea of the date/delay ? How to be warned of this date/delay ?