Kmail GUI problem

I have my Kmail folders listed in “Manually, by Drag And Drop” order rather than alphabetically (right-click on the “Name” bar). However individual folders sometimes go to the bottom of the list for no apparent reason, though it may be associated with changing the sort-order of a message list. Clicking on an out-of-order folder may (or may not) cause it to return where it belongs, but it can normally be moved back manually.

The problem only occurs with top-level folders, sub-folders don’t seem to be affected.

This behaviour is intensely annoying! Has anyone else experienced it?

David L.

Please consider raising a KDE Bug Report to document this behaviour.

  • Please note that, provided you use a respectful “Change Request” style in the “Bug Report”, the KMail maintainers are actually quite responsive to dealing with issues such as this one …