KIWI-LTSP thin-client hardware autodetection


I have a server an 19 thin clients. Server have Nvidia graphic card and ATI on thin clients. However, once I’m logged on one thin client, KDE shows me hardware configuration detected on server (graphic card, processor, memory …) so, ATI modules are not loaded by default on thin clients.

Is this normal?

Yes, that result follows from the definition of a thin client. Your X applications, including the KDE apps, are actually running on the server. You may need to edit the LTSP config files to give LTSP some help in using NVidia devices. Maybe even install some NVidia drivers in the LTSP client area, since those drivers are proprietary? I don’t know any particular web pages, but it would be part of the LTSP config documentation.

So, I misunderstood KIWI-LTSP docs. I read that LTSP detect hardware configuration on thin-client (graphic card, screen resolution, …) and then load apropiated modules. So, this is not really true, I guess.

So, as I understand, I must try to install ATI drivers on thin-client to get accelerated graphics, must not I?

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Well not on the thin client itself, since it has no disk, but on the directories that are exported to the client from the server by NFS to become the thin client’s root filesystem.

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Finally I found where to put files to serve with NFS, currently in /opt/ltsp/i386/ on server.

Problem now is WHAT FILES TO PUT THERE. I visited ATI homepage and there I only appeared a .run file to download, but I put it on mentioned path and clients doesn’t seem to load any ATI module :’(

So, please, can anybody give me more information about this?

Thank you a lot

Well the .run file is only a package. You have to unpack it. This means you have to do the install on a disked computer with an ATI card so that you can see that it works and then copy the extracted files into the LTSP NFS directories. I can’t give you any specifics since I don’t have ATI video cards.

I can launch a OpenSUSE KDE liveCD and then launch the .run file. But I’m thinking that after installation extracted files will be on several paths moreover the path where I downloaded the run file. Is this correct? In that case, how to “collect” all these files to put in NFS path? Maybe I’m talking too much before try it …

Sorry and thanks

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You just have to figure out where everything went. Good luck.

LTSP client uses local X server. Hardware is auto-detected when booting. Free ATI drivers are automatically used, however fglrx drivers will not be used as they are not available in the image.


LTSP/Localapps - openSUSE

And more details:

LTSP documentation

Hi again

After a long time with no time to check your latest reply (THANK YOU A LOT) I take hands on my server and discover that my KIWI-LTSP doesn’t use NFS, instead is NBD based. Maybe I’m wrong but, in this case, I think I must build a new image with ATI drivers, but I don’t know how to do it.

Could somebody put the spot in this question?

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