Keys missing in repos


in the last time, whenever I have installed applications or updated the system, I have noticed that there are the signing keys missing from one or more repos. I think it is the vlc and packman repo, where the keys are missing.

I already have tried to update my repos and so on but I did not find any possibility to update the signing keys, resp. to get a new key.

Thats why I would like to ask:
What do I have to do to get a new key and to install it for a certain repo (for example Packman and VLC)?

any helpful answer would be very much appreciated!

thanks in advance

First off, you don’t need VLC repo
See this: Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide

Please post result of:

zypper lr -d

If you open Software > Repositories
you can click to check keys like this

Packman info at: PackMan :: Dokumentation


thanks for the answers. I have checked the packman repo and there everything seems to be fine. I will disable the vlc repo and see what happens in the future, during updating the system. I have also done a screenshot of the messages, YaST gives out regarding the missing keys.

After checking the packman key it seems to me that it is the key of the vlc repo, which is missing. I just was confused by the “” in the message, which is also mentioned in the link to packman…

So for me it looks like that when a key is not valid anymore, I can not install a new one? Aren´t these keys updated automaticly?

Try not to worry about what you see there.
I get the same and just can’t be fussed sorting it
So long as you know your sources, that’s the important thing.

You should try running some the factory / development repos I use… It’s all over the place

On 11/14/2010 08:36 PM, caf4926 wrote:
> If you open Software> Repositories
> you can click to check keys like this
> Packman info at: ‘PackMan :: Dokumentation’
> (

Nice to know.
I just checked mine however and got the following:

Key: 45A1D0671ABD1AFB
Name: PackMan Project (signing key) <>
Finger Print: F8875B880D518B6B8C530D1345A1D0671ABD1AFB
Created: 09/21/2008
Expires: 09/21/2010 (The key is expired.)

Notice that the key is exactly the same, but the creation date is
different and the expiry date is passed. So how does one renew the key?


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That is not something you do the keys are set at the source. You accept them new/old or not. Somebody that maintains the package needs to deal with the problem.

You can get the Packman non-expiring key from their website and update the key via the YAST repomanager.

You can install the packman packagers signing keys from the packman repo.

These are two different things.

semi-OT: Steffen, you should switch the packages you installed from Videolan so far to Packman. The Videolan-repo is not only ‘not needed’, but simply incompatible to packages from packman. It may take a while until this shows (it depends on what applications you use exactly), but better be ahead of that, right? This should do the trick

zypper dup -r

[adjust the URL / version if necessary!]