Keyboard works only in console login in opensuse 11.1

Hi, I’ve got yhis problem: I updated from 10.3 to 11.1 release and everything went well, but at login the wireless keyboard doesn’t work.:’(

If I switch to console login (fortunately I can use the wireless mouse) the keyboard starts to work and I can enter my ID and password, but when start X it stops to work.

What’s happened? With the 10.3 I haven’t any problem. Maybe is a Microsoft keyboard?:wink:

Anybody have an idea to resolve it?

If your mouse still works you could log in as root (you need root as you will loose any chance to input any text like passwords) and run YaST > Keyboard Layout.

You can reset the current setting to Microsoft Wireless or try other options. After saving restart X to see if that worked.

Hope that helps,

Ok, I’ve resolved it.

Here the procedure:

  • Loggin in consol as root
  • type
  • open yast>keyboard layout

  • changed microsoft natural keyboard to wireless microsoft

  • close yast

  • end of session

  • type


Thanks wj.