keyboard randomly changes

I installed open suse 11.2 yesterday stock Education edition DVD.

I changed the keyboard because it was generating garbage instead of english chars. (everything was stock from the CD)

The replacement kb is a newer one (I favor the old kb’s).

eventually the language and layout of the keyboard changes - usually to Arabic or some Eastern alphabet.

I was really starting to like open suse, but if this persists it is unusable.

Something is misbehaving - any Ideas would be appreciated.

I’m running the default desktop env - gnome.

Solved - The SCIM applet - which is not running in an obvious way.

SCIM stole keystrokes (some important combos from other apps and some from clumsy keystrokes from fat old fingers).

I removed all the keystrokes from scim and all the languages.
I won’t be needing that service.