keyboard mount and reboot : Issues when moving to 13.1

Hi I moved from 12.2 to 13.1 and have three annoying issues.

  1. I try mount a sshfs device from fstab after network is running.
    If I issue mount /mountpoint it works
    If I issue mount user@IP:/source it answers “No such file or directory”
    This worked under 12.2. What am I doing wrong.
  2. The keyboard after each reboot wakes up in “english” despite yast showing it has to be swedish. I recover my keyboard only
    after issuing on a terminal the command setxkbmap -layout “se”
    This problem existed in 12.2 but I had to do it only once. Now it seems that it is needed after every reboot
  3. The system will not shutdown. Shutdown process hangs at the end. Something wrong with the -halt option?

Please, it is much better to make three diiferent threads when you have three different problems. Each one in the best fitting (sub)furum and with a good telling title.

As you have it now e.g. your shutdown problem is hidden inside this thread. People knowing the answer will propably not see it because it is not in the titel.

You forgot that you want help and that it is you that must advertise your problems in the most efficient way.

OK. I couldn’t find a better forum for all three issues. That’s why I had them together.
I’ll entry another issue for the shutdown problem, since the title said “reboot” and the text was about “shutdown”.