Keyboard Layout - Encrypted Partition


I hope anybody can help me. My problem is that I have encrypted my partitions. If I will input my password the access is denied, because I use the wrong keyboard layout. Can I set the keyboard layout for grub2 for EFI? Exist another solution?

Thanks in advance

I don’t know the answer.

The best advice that I have seen, is to use only plain ASCII character for the encryption key.

You have not said much about your setup. If you are using an encrypted LVM, with “/boot” inside that LVM, then you have multiple difficulties. The encryption key is first needed by grub2, so that it can access the boot menu. Even if you could configure a keyboard layout for grub2, it would not be able to read that configuration until after you have given it the encryption key.

Are you locked out of your system because of this problem? If you are, I would suggest booting to live media and using “cryptsetup luksAddKey” to add an additional key that you are able to use during normal boot.