Keyboard acting funny

This just started happening in the past two days, curious if this is my keyboard or OS.

edit: forgot to add a bunch of Info, I’m on KDE, using primarily X11, on the latest updates. Not sure what more info to give, but I can answer any questions

First I noticed it within a videogame. Brawlhalla, if I hit shift and any of the WASD keys, it holds whatever WASD key I pressed. So shift + d, will hold d down in game. But not in text, if I go to a text window within the game it wont input d continously, but if I try to select a menu option it will loop through the options as if I was holding down the d key. This is sadly really hard to recreate and I cannot recreate it in wayland, but I suspect this is a lag issue as I cannot input quickly enough on wayland.

then today after switching to wayland to check something and switching back to x11, my (alt + numpad +) shortcut to disable the compositor stopped functioning, but switching it to (super + numpad +) allowed me to freely disable the compositor. The default Alt + Shift + F12 also didn’t and still doesn’t work

I currently don’t have access to a secondary keyboard but I will soon, I’ll update this post when I return with it but until then I’d like any input on what this may be.

Sounds like a dirty keyboard to me, sticking keys.

I disagree, the behaviour seems to application specific

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