Kernels boot to only on scren or to both screens

I updated LEAP 15.2 to Leap 15.3 and am having boot troubles. What happens is that kernel-defaults 5.3.18-59.37.2-x86_64 and 5.3.18-59.10.1-x86_64 (both from the SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 Update repository) boot to single screen with low resolution and kernel default 5.3.18-lp152.106.1-x86 (from @System with vendor openSUSE) boots to my dual screens with full resolution. I switch boots through GRUB.

My processor is a Ryzen 5 3600 with an Nvidia 1650 super graphics card. The graphics drivers are the current nvidia G05 drivers with libdrm_nouveau2 2.4.104-1.12 and kernel-firmware-nvidia 20210208-2.4. The x-86-video-nouveau drive was uninstalled.

My questions are:

What should I do to only boot to dual screens and how do I set my updates to only get kernels that will boot properly?

Any help will be appreciated.

I suspect the nvidia driver is only built for the old kernel Leap 15.2 kernel, might pay to check the nvidia rpms versioning and perhaps force a re-install from the Leap 15.3 repo.

Using FOSS display device drivers for NVidia GPUs, 15.3’s depend on kernel-default-extra being installed in addition to kernel-default. Without it, crude fallback drivers fbdev or vesa with no second display support get used. On none of my 15.2 to 15.3 upgrades was kernel-default-extra installed automatically. I had to add it manually for each NVidia GPU I have. Whether this might apply when using NVidia’s proprietary drivers I have no idea.

Thank you. I checked which repositories I was using. They were the 15.2 repositories. I am switching them and will report back with the results.

No luck. It still does not work with the new kernel. Any other suggestions?

You mention SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 repos. DO NOT MIX Leap and SLE repos !!!

It’s part of Leap 15.3 now…

7 | repo-sle-update       | Update repository with updates from SUSE Linux Enterprise 15

Is it possible that there are some things from the 15.2 kernel that were not removed during my upgrade? If so, could removing the old kernel and then upgrading to 15.3 again write over those old things from 15.2?

Thank you for any guidance.

FWIW I’ve a similar system, Ryzen 5 2600, same nvidia card, 2x 4K monitors, same kernel, etc., etc.

It seems that the only relevant difference is the G05 version installed, 460.84-lp153.40.1, locked due to a “no X” problem after an earlier update.

The current G05 from nvidia repo is 470.86-…, but the repo does not keep the previous versions (it is managed by nvidia), so you can’t install it through YAST.

I don’t know if you can find the package of an older version to install “the hard way”

You could try nouveau or, as last desperate measure, make a full reinstall of 15.3, keeping your /home directory. But this is a real PITA.

After some thought I chose the PITA approach. That should not leave any more residual things from old versions of openSUSE. The real pain was finding the Leap 15.3 repositories for new versions of some software, e.g. TeXLive 2021 and Firefox 95.

Thank you to everyone who helped me.