Kernelpanic after installing updates

Hi everybody,

My Dell XPS 13 9370 notebook doesn’t start anymore after installing updates via yast.
It stops after :

starting x display manager…
starting hold until boot process finishes up…

Then it freezes and the caps lock led starts blinking which indicates a kernel panic.

If I remember well, there was an update for some kernel firmware.

Any ideas about how to proceed?



p.s. This notebook has a Killer 1435 chipset for the Wi-Fi, no Atheros.

After disabling Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in UEFI (BIOS), the kernel panic disappeared.

It is probably due to the same firmware update that affects atheros chips. That disabling WiFi and BlueTooth “solves” the problem is consistent with that.

The next kernel update is supposed to fix this. When that update arrives, maybe see if you can re-enable WiFi and still boot.

I just discovered that the Killer 1435 wlan chip in my notebook is actually a Qualcom Atheros QCA988x chip:shame:
I’ll continue the discussion in this thread:

Sorry for the confusion :frowning:

Okay, that fits with what others are reporting (atheros and firmware issue).