Kernel not found on dual boot system after zypper dup


I have a dual boot laptop with OpenSUSE and Ubuntu. The boot loader used is Ubuntus Grub that came with the Ubuntu installation.

I have done a zypper dup and upgraded to OpenSUSE 11.4. When I reboot my system I can no longer boot into OpenSUSE, Grub says something about a missing kernel.

I think I understand whats wrong here; the OpenSUSE entry in Grubs table hasn’t been updated with the changes brought in by the zypper dup (new kernel i guess).

I’m I correct to assume this? How do I fix the problem? Booting into Ubuntu I tried to find /boot/grub/menu.lst to examine it by I cannot find it. I know Ubuntu use a newer version of Grub, does it have a different file layout?

 Regards, Micke.

Ubuntu may be using Grub2.
If you can boot into Ubuntu then use its grub menu.lst to add Opensuse or to find the openSUSE grub menu.lst which should be on your / (root) partition for openSUSE.