Kernel 5.18.9-2

I got a notification about an update and installed Kernel 5.18.9-2. I use KDE for my DE. When I boot with the newest kernel I just get black screens without a login. If I swap to a console the console window is shifted all the way to the right of my screen and doesn’t render correctly. If I go back to Kernel 5.18-9-1 everything works like normal. I’m not sure where to go look for the issue I am having and how to resolve it so I can move forward to the newer kernel. I tried disconnecting all my monitors except one from my GPU and the results are the same. Not sure if this is a KDE issue or newer kernel issue.

There is already a thread for it:

Relevant bugreport with mitigation:

If you are using an NVidia GPU and proprietary NVidia drivers, probably answers your problem as a kernel issue. The FOSS drivers work just fine with 5.18.9-2 and KDE.

Thank you! That worked perfectly!