kernel 2.2.27 and gspca driver

on fedora forums, i came across this link.
hansdegoede: Fedora 9, kernel 2.6.27 and webcams
it illustrates a certain problem with the gspca driver in 2.6.27 kernel. and provides a very user-unfriendly workaround.
now since, opensuse 11.1 is using the same kernel, does it mean these problems will be there in opensuse 11.1 as well?
on the fedora forums, rahul sundaram wrote that the problem has been fixed for all open source software. however, for proprietary apps like skype, users will have to resort to this workaround.
is this true for opensuse 11.1?

thanks in advance.

probably yes, cause i have many problems with my webcam
i have posted this in opensuse bugzilla

it doesn’t recognise my webcam as the one it is

my webcam is a microsoft vx1000 and it should be sn9c105r, but when do an lsmod
out of the box isn’t recognised, it just finds a: “videodev”
“sn9c102” (but my webcam is snc105r)
strangely the webcam is active (the led is always on, like it’s always
following the gspcav2 compatibility list, i have to load the sonixj
module with my webcam
i probe it, and it gets loaded (lsmod, it adds gspcav_sonixj &
but it isn’t recognised by softwares (i have installed both v4l and
v4l2)and no /dev/video is created
if i reboot, module doesn’t get loaded

this was output with gspcav1 lsusb
MicroSoft 227 0x045e 0x00F7 VX1000 sn9c105r OV7660 Yes Jpeg gspcav1

with old kernel and gspcav1 modules, it was recognised out-of-the-box by every
applications, but it had serious problems of light and focusing calibration.

Could someone explain to me how to get my 046d:08ae Logitech, Inc. QuickCam for Notebooks webcam working in regular programs. It is installed and working using the kernel driver however the only program it actually works in is Flash.

Any other program I try it in recognizes it but fails to show anything or displays a green screen. I understand I have to enter some command to get it to work.

What is it and how can I go about getting it to work?

I start Skype for a working Webcam with this:

LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/ skype


Wow. An elegant solution. Thank you, cocolocko.
Works for my Communicator STX (046d:08ad) and OpenSUSE 11.1 with kernel 2.6.27.