Kerberos and mod_auth_ker

Firstly, I would like to say thank you for anytime you spend trying to help me.

That said here we go;

I am attempting to get Active Directory to link up with an Apache server, running on openSUSE 11, to simplify login to a website. I looked around and found mod_auth_ker so I decide to try it out.
I downloaded krb5-1.7 and moved it to /etc. I then ran ./configure, make, and make install.
I downloaded mod_auth_ker and moved the source to /etc and then ran the ./configure with the following flags --with-krb5=/etc/krb5-1.7 --with-krb4=no --with-apache=/etc/apache2. This then fails out stating it is unable to find kerberos.
I have been mostly working with tutorials and documentation to get this far, but the river of ideas has dried up. I have a feeling it is something simple that I am missing. Anybody with experience setting this up, help would be greatly appreciated.