Keeping Nvidia Settings

I have read and read and googled for my specific problem and nothing exactly matches. I have a Nvidia 8400GS, running SuSe 11.1, kernel, Nvidia Drivers 193.5, KDE 3.??. It seems like about every third or fourth time I boot up I have to rebuild and install the Nvidia drivers (the hard way). When I get up and running again, use the Nvidia Control panel and save the settings to Nvidiaxxxxxxx.RC file. Why does this keep happening, any suggestions or threads that might answer this problem?? Also I can’t get my wallpapers to fill the desktop, they are tiled sometimes and I can’t change them. One other thing is I am having trouble with the screensavers, they won’t start, and I like to delete some of them? Thank everyone so much for any/all input and advise.

Did you read this
openSUSE Graphic Card Practical Theory Guide for Users - openSUSE Forums

These appear to be KDE3 specific, and you may wish to start a new therad in “Applications” entitled:
“openSUSE-11.1 KDE3 wallpaper and screensaver problems”