KeePassXC won't start

Leap 42.3 KDE
It has been working well for me but all of a sudden it won’t start. If I attempt to start it from Konsole, I get an error message:

bart@UNIVAC:~> keepassxc
Another instance of KeePassXC is already running.

I installed it on another machine and found it works there. I noticed that there is a hidden file with the name of the database and a .lock extension in the home directory that is created when keepassxc is started and removed when it is closed. I have tried removing that file from my home directory without success. ps aux does not show keepassxc in the list. There must be another lock somewhere. Anyone know where it is?


Logout, go the console and see if you can remove the lockfile from there, either as your user or root.

I uninstalled keepassxc.
I deleted everything I could find that said keepass*


I forgot the /tmp directory! :’(

Now I feel stupid!