kdm user / passwd prompt missing

I am no longer required to enter my password to log in to my user account. How can I get it back?

I have made no conscious change to this effect. I first noticed this after installing and using the debug kernel to get my Broadcom wifi chipset recognized. (The default kernel does not recognize the chipset but the debug kernel does.)

/boot/vmlinuz- ← /vmlinuz

I’m essentially “new” to SuSE but not to Linux distros (Debian, &c. mostly). I have openSUSE 11.2 installed from LiveCD. I’m running KDE4 as installed. grub-legacy is managing my boot as installed but with a modified (by YaST2 and by me) menu.lst file. I have also enabled and disabled some repositories. I won’t post my zypper lr -d unless requested as this is already a long first post.

While I am not required to use a password to login, the user password is required to unlock the screen saver and the root password is required for both graphical and text root privileges (e.g. YaST2 and sudo). I have changed both the user and root passwords (from CLI) and they are now unique. Changing the user password and rebooting proved to me that it was not “remembering” my password somehow (unless I’ve been cracked – which I kinda doubt but don’t rule out entirely).

I have perused the forum for this problem and found information on how to make my login not require a password. When I go to those places it would appear my password is still required.

No hurry, just testing different distros on old hardware and trying to learn new things. Confession: I’ve used SuSE 6.3 years ago and used RedHat and slackware before that, but I’ve been using Debian and derivatives for the past several years in my spare time. I use XP for work on their dime. Mostly Linux and Mac at the house, though.

HunkirDowne wrote:
> I am no longer required to enter my password to log in to my user
> account. How can I get it back?


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Thanks. I’m better now. The first post in the Google search was the ticket. Took me a bit to get my card to work after that though so I think the PCMCIA WLAN card and AUTOLOGIN feature and -debug are all related somehow.

At some point I will be doing a clean install (on another system most likely) and will be very methodical in my note-taking. I typically don’t take notes if I can find the information readily but then I sometimes miss order of execution that is valuable in troubleshooting.

For the record, the solution is (openSUSE 11.2 / KDE4):
(1) Click on the gecko (Kickoff Application Launcher at bottom left on default LiveCD install).

(2) Click Computer then YaST Control Center.

(3) Click System then ‘/etc/sysconfig’ Editor.

(4) Click Desktop then Display Manager in the tree and then find

(5) If your username is listed in the string field at the top right part of the window, click Default to clear (or just clear it out yerself).


Using root privileges, edit:
…so that the following line is active and free of anything in the quotes:

(Gee, and I wonder why I prefer the CLI. :wink:

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> (Gee, and I wonder why I prefer the CLI. :wink:

me too!
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