kdewallet broken after yesterdays backup

Hello folks,

I updated my system yesterday with the default Apper under KDE. In fact a lot of KDE stuff was installed.

On today’s system start I got several popups asking for my kdewallet password which didn’t work. After some digging I noticed that neither kdewallet nor kwallet is still installed. I can’t get it via zypper (can’t be found) nor software.opensuse.org (installation not successful due to missing packages).

Please help me fixing this issue. It’s very frustrating.

Thank you

Edit: opensuse 13.2, with KDE 4.14.4

What packages are you trying to install, and what packages are missing?
KWallet is part of kdebase4-runtime, there is neither a kdewallet nor a kwallet package (only the separate kwalletmanager, which should not be needed to use KWallet).

Btw, it works fine here.

Maybe run “zypper up” and post errors you might get.
Can you run kwalletmanager and access your wallet(s)?

Okay wolfi,

I had a closer look on it. KWallet actually is installed.

Right now I have two databases: “kdewallet” and “localwallet”. I can unlock “localwallet” as I was used to, but “kdewallet” is not working.

Can I remove the “kdewallet” and re-add it manually?

Thanks, Simon

Well, you can remove it, the file is located in ~/.kde4/share/apps/kwallet/ and you should be able to remove it with kwalletmanager as well.

As kdewallet is the default normally, a new empty one should be created automatically.

But I have no idea how to import the old one if you cannot open it.

Maybe revert KDE back to 4.13.3 (that’s still available in the update repo, use YaST’s “Versions” tab to downgrade the necessary packages, in this case kdebase4-runtime and kdelibs4 and friends like libkde4 I suppose), export it (with kwalletmanager), then update again and import it?
If the wallet file itself is not corrupted, that should work I think.

Hmm. Sounds like work.

Lets assume I delete the file/database. All I will lose is only the stored passwords, right? After so, I just have to reenter the passwords for my email-accounts and Groupware, am I right?



After so, I just have to reenter the passwords for my email-accounts and Groupware, am I right?

If that’s the only things that are stored in there, yes. Of course only if you use KMail, non-KDE email clients (or other applications) should not use KWallet at all.

Other KDE applications might store passwords in there as well, like Konqueror, KRDC, plasma-nm, smb4k.

I seem to have the same / a similar problem

I do have two wallets within the kwallet manager. One (the one network and kmail passwords etc are stored within) I’m able to unlock using my password.
The second one, I’m not able to open any longer. KWalletManager is claiming the password is incorrect.
Both are located at


Incidentelly I do have this problem on almost an exact copy of the wallet on two computers both running openSUSE 13.2 and KDE 4.14.4.
(two wallets within the manager on each computer, the main one I still can open, the second on I can’t. The second one is named accidentally kdewalet.kwl.kwl )

I do have a quite recent copy of those files I made prior to upgrading my laptop from openSUSE 12.3 to 13.2 at the end of January. But I can’t open this copy neither.
Neither can I open these copies with an old openSUSE 12.3 installation I do have flying around on a usb stick (not sure which KDE4 version is running on it.)

The password entered is definitely the correct one.

Downgrading to KDE 4.14.3 on my Laptop (as suggested) helped to regain access to the second Wallet (as well as beeing able to open the backup copies) but prevents me from opening the main wallet (Error code 42:).
So something in the way the wallets are unlocked must have changed with kwalletmanager from 4.14.3 to 4.14.4. It seems to me that the main wallet has been silently updated whilst upgrading but the additional wallets have been plainly forgotten.

Time to file a bugreport, isn’t it. Where would I do this best?



Btw, this change might be the culprit:

At least that’s the only change to kwallet between 4.14.3 and 4.14.4, and it would sound like it could cause something like this…
AFAICT old (wrongly encrypted) wallets should be converted automatically by this patch, but apparently this didn’t/doesn’t work for your second wallet.

oh thanks! This lead me into the right direction!
A bug has been filed ten days ago which I will now watch.

Everyone with the same problem have a look here:


P.S. I’m so glad, I found a way for recovering my passwords. Have to rethink my backup strategy!

I seems to be an issue with the kde binaries on openSUSE:


Well, I branched kdebase4-runtime 14.12.2 from [noparse]KDE:Distro:Factory[/noparse] and built it for 13.2 (without any change). With this I can open the “testcase” wallet from the KDE bug report without problems (it cannot be opened with 14.12.1).

So it seems that this was rather a KDE bug in 14.12.1, that got fixed in 14.12.2, I’d say (although I don’t see any change regarding this…).
AFAICT, the upstream kwallet maintainer only tried to open that wallet with 14.12.2, where he succeeded of course.

You can get my 14.12.2 package here, it should work fine with KDE 14.12.1:

14.12.2 will be released as update for 13.2 anyway, so this problem should hopefully be resolved soon.

The KDE kwallet maintainer has proposed a possible fix meanwhile.
I created packages for 13.2 and Factory with the patch, see https://bugzilla.opensuse.org/show_bug.cgi?id=917988#c10 .

Would be nice if somebody with that problem could test them and provide feedback… :wink: