Installed that yesterday from the repos but all I get is some message about Mlt profiles, whatever they are, and something called Melt. Am I missing something?

Its because there is a dependency (requiring installation of “mlt”) missing in the rpm for kdenlive. The packager plans to fix that next time he does a kdenlive release.

The Packman packager for kdenlive sent me this:

The actual package is missing a direct dependency to mlt package (kdenlive needs /usr/bin/melt at runtime). So if someone gets the error message: “… cannot find melt programm …” the solution is to install the package mlt-0.4.2 (PackMan :: Informationen zum Paket mlt) manually. As soon I find some time, I’ll correct this issue.

Thanks, oldcpu (bet you’re a spring chicken compared to me), that solved it!