KDEnlive does not accept Videos made by KDEnlive under Leap15.3 and other videos

Hi … the same applies for OpenShot

Videos rendered under Leap15.3 are not accepted . Openshot gives error msg " … not valid video "

KDEnlive extracts the sound only . All pictures are missing

If I want to import external mp4 videos …does not work either

Is there a codec missing ???

thanks and best regards

After update to Leap 15.4 did you you set up the packman repos again and installed necessary codecs?

After update to Leap 15.4 did you you set up the packman repos again and installed necessary codecs?

sure did … question is did I get all the necessary codecs

had a second look

There are conflicts if you want to use/install from packman:


those files conflict with the standard configuration

Always do the “vendor switch” to Packman!

And when in doubt, do it again. Does not hurt to do it superfluous.

I decided to use ffmeg-4 from packman as the only change of the current configuration. This resulted in downgrading the following files


… and it worked !!!

Thanks for your help.

Really the only thing to do is the “vendor switch to Packman”. o need to bother about what packages/codecs,/whatever. It is just a no-brainer.

only thing to do is the "vendor switch to Packman

hmmm … how do you do that ??? please

That can be found x times in the sticky threads of the Multi-media sub-forum here.

Either YaST > Software > Software Management > from the View choose Repositories > select Packman repo at left, at right you get the list of packages and above that is something like Switch system packages to … > click that and Continue.


zypper dup --from <Packman>

where you replace by the Alias, Name or Number from your Packman repo entry to be found in

zypper lr -d

Hi Hank

…thanks for that !

Question : What is the reason to have a repository like Packman ? There are vital packages only stored in Packman but not in the SUSE repositories .

One could say without Packman Leap15.4 would not be usable ???


Packman offers various additional packages for openSUSE, especially but not limited to multimedia related applications and libraries that are on the openSUSE Build Service application blacklist.


Software which is encumbered by patent claims](https://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Build_Service_application_blacklist#Software_which_is_encumbered_by_patent_claims)
In general, all kinds of multimedia codecs are encumbered, especially from the MPEG and Dolby family.
Disallowed software list:

  • decoders for modern MPEG-family codecs
  • encoders for modern MPEG-family codecs
  • mplayer
  • ffmpeg/libav in full configuration
  • xine library in full configuration
  • divx
  • mythtv
  • lastfm
  • faac, faad/faad2
  • x264, x265

As you can see from @hui’s post it is all about patents and licenses. As openSUSE was always related to a larger commercial company, that company can be held liable for not observing the patents/licences.
But Packman is an organisation with no money, thus bringing Packman to court is not likely to bring any profit.

BTW sometimes a patent expires (IIRC e.g. mp3). From that point on Packman will stop providing the codecs and full support will be direct in the OSS repo. The result might be a bit confusing because a vendor change back is to be made.

thanks for the info

I guess the Packman server is not situated in Europe

I wonder when those patents expire ?


Your guess is wrong.
One of the most used mirrors is at gwdg.de which is Gesellschaft für wissenschaftliche Datenverarbeitung mbH, which is based in Göttingen, Germany. And there are other mirrors in Europe.

I assume everyone of them has it’s own details. So go and investigate.

Too many mirrors indeed.

We are talking about Packman, not about the official openSUSE repositories mirrors.